Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Remarkable Reinventors Community?
    The Remarkable Reinventors Community is a premiere membership platform designed for experienced professionals seeking to shape their next chapter in life, whether for personal fulfilment, to shift direction, explore passions, or leave a lasting legacy.

  2. What benefits does the membership offer?
    The Community provides a supportive environment for individuals committed to their reinvention journeys. Members enjoy lifetime access to the Community including monthly live webinars; interactive workshops; an extensive library of tools and resources including prior webinars, books, videos, articles, and guides; and all Reinventors Roadmap Summit videos.

  3. What sets the Remarkable Reinventors Community apart?
    The Community stands out for its focus on supporting accomplished professionals in their reinvention journeys. The membership is diverse by design, to enable a robust network of men and women who bring experience across a broad range of industries, geographies, and functional areas. Members often highlight its collaborative culture, self-discovery orientation, extensive resources, and dynamic events.

  4. How can I connect with other members?
    Members connect every month during our interactive webinars and in-person workshops. In addition, members will be invited to join the Community LinkedIn group and member-only WhatsApp group to enable ongoing connection. Networking opportunities are a key aspect of our community.

  5. How much does the membership cost?
    It costs $799 USD for lifetime access to the community, all content, monthly webinars, and a wide range of resources. Over a two year period, that’s barely $1 USD a day!

  6. What payment methods are accepted?
    We securely accept and process all debit and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) payments through Stripe, a trusted payment platform.

  7. Are there any hidden fees or recurring payment?
    The one-time membership fee entitles you to lifetime access to the community and an extensive library of resources. You will not be charged any recurring payments.

  8. Is there a refund policy?
    No, memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.