Bronze Phoenix is a premier provider of solutions for experienced professionals who desire a remarkable reinvention, in order to seek personal fulfilment, pursue a passion, or contribute to society.

We provide solutions for successful executives and corporate leaders who have built multi-decade careers and who can retire if they choose to, yet are keen to craft a next chapter that is as meaningful and engaging as the one they’ve left behind.

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About the book

The rise of life expectancy alongside rapid business disruption (accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic) will lead to a massive wave of corporate restructuring in the foreseeable future. In an environment where jobs are redesigned at an alarming rate, and where storied organisations can vanish overnight, people will constantly need to reinvent themselves to remain relevant. 

The Reinventor’s Roadmap: Your Ultimate Guide to “What’s Next?” will showcase the path taken by corporate leaders around the world who have successfully reinvented themselves. And, it will provide a comprehensive and structured 9-step framework by which executives at all stages of their professional lives can address the question of “What’s next?”

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